Saturday, February 06, 2010



I've finally got around installing Moblin. I've copied the image to a USB stick and attempted to boot the OS. The boot process didn't continue though. I got the following error:
/dev/sda does not contain a rootfs
/dev/sdb does not contain a rootfs
/dev/sdc does not contain a rootfs
/dev/sdd does not contain a rootfs
I might try tweaking the kernel configs some time to see if it would work. Meanwhile, I'll just install NetBSD.

Boot Booster

Eee's BootBooster reduced the boot time by skipping the pre-boot sequence. Eeebuntu wasted installed a swap partition when I first installed it, but I never used it because I know that swapping would increase the number of writes to my Eee's SSD. Increasing the number of writes would shorten its life span. Thus, I deleted my swap and installed an EFI partition in its place. Once the BIOS detected the new partition, the BootBooster option magically appeared.


A quick googling revealed that coreboot is unsupported on an Eee PC 701. I've also stumbled upon flashrom's source code (Linux bios flasher), and it explicitly stated that Eee PC 701 has been verified to be unsupported. Oh well.

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