Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to run AWS Lambda on VPC

I'm trying to run an AWS Lambda function inside a VPC because I need it to access ElastiCache. Problem: if you put a Lambda function inside a VPC, it loses Internet access. There are some few documentations online, but they are too complicated and they involve unnecessary steps. Here is the simplest way to run AWS Lambda inside VPC.

1. Create a simple NodeJS function that connects to an external site via HTTP:
'use strict';
const http = require('http');

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
  http.get('', res => {
    callback(null, `Success, with: ${res.statusCode}`);
  }).on('error', err => callback(`Error with: ${err.message}`));

2. Run the above function without a VPC to verify that it's working correctly (i.e., it returns an HTTP 200).

3. In the AWS Console, go to the VPC page and click "Elastic IPs". Then, click the "Allocate new address" button and select the "VPC" scope.

4. Next, go to the VPC Dashboard and click the "Start VPC Wizard" button.

5. Select VPC with Public and Private Subnets option.

6. In the next page, enter your "VPC name", and in the "Elastic IP Allocation ID" field, enter the Elastic IP that you created in Step 3. Click the "Create VPC" button.

7. Finally, go back to the Lambda page and configure your function. Click the "Configuration" tab and go to the "Advanced settings section". Select the VPC that you created in Step 5, and Select the private subnet that you created. This is important; otherwise outgoing Internet connections won't work.

8. Click the "Save and test" button to test your setup.  That's it! For a proper setup, use at least 2 subnets in different availability zones to run your function in high-availability mode.

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