Thursday, August 05, 2010

I hate Linux part 2

OK, I was able to run SystemRescueCd's USB creator by running it in Ubuntu Lucid. The USB stick booted, but when I ran GParted, it wasn't able to detect the RAID array.

Linux = FAIL.

The point of this exercise was to run GParted in order to resize our FreeBSD's /usr partition to make way for ZFS. I allocated around ~400GB of space to that partition, but I realized that it's better to use that space for ZFS since I'll be using it for jails.

FreeBSD jails + ZFS = WIN.

I'll just copy /usr to /var, resize it, and move back /usr to the new partition. I hope this works.

(this is probably GParted's fault, but I love to troll hahaha)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I hate Linux

Yet another reason why I hate Linux:

SystemRescueCd, a Linux distro designed for administering or repairing a system, doesn't boot and stops with the following error:

!! Cannot find device with /sysrcd.dat. Retrying...

After a bit of googling, it turns out that this occurs because Linux can't detect the USB CD-ROM that was used to boot it. This use case isn't QA'd anymore. Apparently, the solution is to use a USB stick instead.

But what happens if you use a USB stick? It doesn't work:

[root@soulfury mnt]# mount -o loop,exec ~simoncpu/Desktop/systemrescuecd-x86-1.5.8.iso cdrom
[root@soulfury mnt]# cd cdrom
[root@soulfury cdrom]# ls
bootdisk bootprog isolinux ntpasswd sysrcd.dat sysrcd.md5 usb_inst usbstick.htm version
[root@soulfury cdrom]# bash
No valid USB/Removable device has been detected on your system

I checked the source code, and it makes some invalid assumptions on what a USB stick is. Blah. I need to sleep.