Friday, January 16, 2009

pfSense IPv6

I'm currently merging our IPv6 changes to pfSense by hand so that I can commit our changes upstream once their migration from CVS to git is complete.

"With a thousand eyes, all bugs are shallow", they say. Sharing this code to the world will most likely uncover many bugs and make our code more stable. I just hope that with a thousand eyes, I won't receive a thousand flak from users in case I break something.

I'll probably break something. :)

UPDATE: As of January 16, 2011, development has been stopped. If you wish to continue development, please contact me (simoncpu at or post a bounty. Thanks! :)

(whoah, I realized that this post was made exactly 2 years ago lol)


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
this is the first time i see that there is a hope for IPv6@pfSense. The main developers seemed not very v6 friendly. I am very interested in Testing. I think this development goes to v2.0?

simoncpu-test said...

Yepp, I'm hoping that this would go to v2.0 too. My commits were backed out due to various problems.

I'll try again, and I'll use m0n0wall 1.3(?) as my reference. It was only recently that I found out that m0n0wall has IPv6 already. =)

Aku said...

The developers are not anti v6. they stated that they do not have access to any v6 equipment to code against so would be like writing drivers for hardware you do not have.

They requested either donations of V6 equipment or a big enough bounty on it for them to take it up, otherwise its deferred to people like simoncpu who are doing it themselves and submitting patches for it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the IPv6 configuration at will help you integrate this in pfsense. This setup works as a charm and will hopefully help other pfsense users. pfsense is a great product but really lacks IPv6 support.

simoncpu-test said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll take a look on this article. =)

[ simon.cpu ]