Thursday, December 13, 2007


To resign or not to resign? Hmmm... I sometimes feel stupid for holding on to a dream that may not come true. I wanted to work in a startup because I thought that working here would let me innovate and program with passion without all those bureaucratic stuff that plague large companies. Never mind the low salary. Never mind the long working hours without adequate OT compensation.

Oh well, I'll see how it goes. I'll keep my options open while staying loyal to my current company. Working for another company that would give me twice my present salary is quite tempting.


lostinspacetime said...

you can try calling a bluff against your employer. that's really acceptable. they will keep you if they really value you. hehehe

simoncpu-test said...

But then again, I don't want to insult my current employer. We are not really _that_ profitable at the moment.

Even if the pay is higher, I don't see an opportunity to eventually become knowledgeable with kernel-level programming. The potential pay in the "other" company may be very good, but I still value knowledge and skills above all else. To be a Unix kernel hacker is one of my dreams in life. :)

Despite the challenges that have occurred for the past years, I still have faith in our founder's vision...

lostinspacetime said...

That's admirable of you there - knowledge and skills above all else.

By bluff I didn't mean that you insult your employer. I meant trying to negotiate a bargain that's better for you. Hehehe

Unknown said...

Simon, nice to have you back from your disiplinary action.

If you want a raise, you'll need to have a clean record and NOT insult your colleages.

simoncpu-test said...

If I really wanted a raise, the easiest thing to do is, well... very easy.

Other companies would be happy to give me almost twice my present salary and flexitime, and I'm not bluffing.

Pure web development isn't very exciting though. I need to have more Unix exposure. :)

Unknown said...

I'll see what I can do to challenge you further your skills. we have some very difficult projects coming up and I have one for you in mind :>