Monday, October 08, 2007

fixing pfSense' HTTPS support

lighttpd seems to have an issue when enabling both IPv4 and IPv6. With plain HTTP, enabling them both is a simple matter of adding the following lines:
server.use-ipv6            = "enable"
$SERVER["socket"] == "" { }

With HTTPS, however, $SERVER["socket"] == "" doesn't seem to work. Although sockstat reports that lighttpd is indeed listening to port 443, https://<ip_address> doesn't work. http://<ip_address>:443 work, but this is just plain HTTP served on port 443. Weird. the following is sockstat's output:
root     lighttpd   53320 4  tcp6   *:443           *:*
root lighttpd 53320 5 tcp4 *:443 *:*

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